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Previously labelled as Impactwear Limb Protectors the new Hardy & Grace Limb Protectors have been updated.  Premium quality SupimaŽ cotton offers advantages over normal cotton in softness and strength.  The gel insert is no longer included, making the sleeve more comfortable and easier to launder. 

Before using Impactwear Limb Protectors I would often end up with scratches and bruises on my arms and legs which were a real nuisance. I can now go shopping and do my gardening without having to worry about my skin. And because they are so comfortable and look good, I am happy to wear them even when I go out to town."
Colleen (71 years old)

"My legs frequently required dressings because of cuts and scratches, and these would take a long time to heal. Now I wear my Impactwear Limb Protectors every day and don't have this problem."
Neil (79 years old)

"My doctor recommended that I purchase Impactwear Limb Protectors as I was constantly knocking myself and tearing my skin. I would often need to visit the nurse to get dressings applied on my arms and legs. I wear my Limb Protectors every day now and what a difference!"
Mercia (68 year old)

"The medications that I am on tend to make me bleed quite badly whenever I cut my arms. I am an avid gardener and still like to work outdoors but this was getting more and more difficult. My daughter bought me some Impactwear Limb Protectors and now I can still do the things I enjoy without worrying about cuts and bruises."
Gary (67 years old)

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