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Limb Protectors

Limb Protectors

Previously labelled as Impactwear Limb Protectors the new Hardy & Grace Limb Protectors have been updated. The gel insert is no longer included, making the sleeve more comfortable and easier to launder.

Hardy & Grace Limb Protectors are soft, light and comfortable, easy to wear and offer a protective layer for fragile skin to help prevent skin tears. 

Premium quality Supima® cotton offers advantages over normal cotton in softness and strength.

The fibre length of Supima® is 35% longer than regular cottons. This increases softness and luster and minimizes the effects of abrasion with less pilling.

Supima® is up to 45% stronger than regular cottons. This makes Supima® products resilient and incredibly durable, without compromising comfort.

Available in 3 sizes to suit both forearms and lower legs.

Size   Circumference at widest part
Small   20-26cm
Medium   26-30cm
Large   30-40cm

Composition: 53% Supima cotton, 43% nylon, 4% elastane

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